Maternity Leave

You must provide a minimum of 2 weeks written notice to your board in order to commence a pregnancy or parental leave.
For pregnancy leaves, a certificate from a medical practitioner (which may include a doctor or a mid-wife) must be attached.

How Do I Apply?
There is an online application form you must complete at
You will need a Record of Employment or R.O.E. from your school board in order to complete your application.
Your board will forward the Record of Employment electronically to Service Canada after your last work day.

Supplementary Employment Benefit (SEB)
Collective agreements contain clauses pertaining to pregnancy and parental leaves.
Many collective agreements  provide for Supplementary Employment Benefits (sometimes called SEB or SUB or top-up).
Under a negotiated SEB plan, the board may be required to provide additional compensation to you and/or top-up the E.I. Benefits you receive.

Refer to your local collective agreement for information about your specific entitlements.

Sick Leave Entitlements
With evidence from a medical practitioner, you are entitled to use sick credits prior to delivery if you are unable to work for health reasons,
whether related or unrelated to the pregnancy.

Court rulings support your entitlement to sick leave with pay following delivery for a period of generally 6 weeks when you are unable to work for health reasons.
You may only access the number of sick days available to you under the board’s sick leave plan.

Fifth Disease
Check with your local office/school board to see if your board has a protocol in place for dealing with Fifth Disease.
If you are contemplating pregnancy, ask your doctor for an immunity test early on to protect yourself in the event that you are not immune.

Checklist For Pregnancy/Parental Leaves

  • Review your local collective agreement language regarding a Supplementary Employment Benefits Plan and Pregnancy, Parental, and Extended Leaves of Absence.
  • Contact your local/school board or office to discuss your options.
  • Obtain a medical certificate stating the expected date of birth.
  • Provide written notice to your school board.
  • Obtain a copy of your Record of Employment (R.O.E.) from the school board after your last teaching day.
  • Complete your application for E.I. benefits online at