Fifth Disease

Expedited Testing for Immunity
If you are or could be pregnant, it is in your interest to inform your doctor that you may have been exposed to Fifth Disease
(Parvovirus 19) and to arrange for a blood test to confirm immunity.
All testing for Parvovirus 19 is done at Toronto’s Public Health facility – not Hamilton Public Health. In order to avoid
unnecessary delays for results of your immunity to Fifth Disease, present the following procedure to your physician and
laboratory as recommended by Toronto Public Health:

1. Take this procedure with you to your physician and to the laboratory that will be drawing the blood sample.
2. The physician should note on the Ministry of Health requisition STAT – Exposure to Parvovirus 19 and pregnant
and request a verbal result ASAP. Include a phone number where they can be contacted with the results. The written
report will follow within a couple of days.
3. The clinic should be instructed to forward the sample directly to Toronto Public Health for testing.
4. Once results are received, you are advised to seek direction from your treating physician.
5. Results of your immunity should be reported to your Principal/Manager immediately.
6. Staff with no immunity to Fifth’s Disease can access their sick leave entitlement when they are acting on the
direction of their treating physician and with supporting documentation to validate the need to be excluded from work.

The following laboratories provide direct service to Toronto Public Health.
Canadian Medical Laboratories
130 Wilson 905-529-0801
1 Young 905-527-1182
987 King St E 905-549-1197
132 Parkdale S 905-547-7326
565 Sanitorium 905-385-0064
613 Upper James 905-389-3731
78 Barton W 905-528-4434
304 Victoria N 905-523-6663

Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories
631 Queenston 905-573-3355
849 Upper Wentworth 905-389-3122

Community Laboratory Services
25 Charlton E 905-521-6052
16 Cross, Dundas 905-627-3814
1119 Fennell E 905-383-0505
505 King W   905-525-1562